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Preventing child abuse by strengthening families.

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Awareness Ambassador

Professionals, Retirees, Stay-at-Home Hardworking Parents/Grandparents, all Caring Adults… 


Because an informed and mindful Community is part of the solution to prevent and stop the cycle of child abuse and neglect in Orange County.

The children of our community need your help!


Make presentations to local community groups, etc. and/or be a Social Media Connector to educate the community via online efforts. Volunteer hours are flexible (day and/or evening) and will be worked around your availability. Whatever amount of time you are able to volunteer will be greatly utilized and appreciated!

You’ll be…

  • Trained (One orientation based on your availability)
  • Kept up-to-date on related news and messaging
  • Able to help shape the Raise Awareness Ambassador Program
  • Recognized annually
  • Most importantly making a lasting difference in the lives of many children & families!









Please Contact Us Today:

Keri Gee Semmelman, Director of Marketing

(714) 884-3421, ext. 104 or kerigee@theraisefoundation.org


About The Raise Foundation “Raise Awareness Ambassador” Program

This new initiative includes the recruitment, training, and utilization of “Raise Awareness Ambassadors” to educate people all throughout Orange County about the issue of child abuse and neglect and the great strides being made in prevention based on strengthening families. In its 41st year as a respected local nonprofit, The Raise Foundation (O.C.’s designated Child Abuse Prevention Council) is seeking adults of all ages and backgrounds to serve as Ambassadors. Those who are comfortable speaking in front of audiences and/or love using social media are especially being sought. With your help, we’ll increase awareness and support for prevention efforts and also continue to help prevent child abuse and neglect. Speaking opportunities at community based organizations/social service clubs, on college campuses, at companies, and to other key audiences are being arranged. If you’d like to volunteer as an Ambassador or your group or company would welcome a presentation, please let us know. It’s a message all adults need to hear!


A generous grant from corporate leader Wells Fargo is making this initiative possible.