Child Abuse Prevention Council

Role and Function

The Child Abuse Prevention Coordinating Council functions in an advisory role under the auspices of The Raise Foundation. The overarching role of the Council is to work collaboratively towards identifying opportunities for improving services and community support for the prevention of child abuse and neglect.

Membership and Meetings

Meetings for the Council are held on a quarterly basis. Dates and times for meetings are set for the year in advance.

A Chairperson designated from The Raise Foundation Board of Directors serves to facilitate meetings of the Child Abuse Prevention Coordinating Council.

A Vice Chair also be designated from The Raise Foundation Board to serve in the absence of the Chair.

The Chair and Vice Chair designation is considered a one year obligation.

Council membership is a voluntary service. While no required length of term is established or set for members, a one year commitment is asked of each individual accepting membership on the Council.

Individuals being considered for membership are recommended to and vetted through a review by the Raise Foundation Board of Directors.

Council membership is comprised of a broad representation based on the categorical identification contained in the Welfare and Intuitions Code. Membership is formed from two groups: a) The Raise Foundation Board of Directors, and b) individuals identified or nominated from one of the WIC categorical recommendations.

In addition to the members from The Raise Foundation Board of Directors, a set number of representatives from the recommended categories as described within the California Welfare and Institutions Code are included as members of the Council. Where a specific agency or county department is identified in the WIC recommendations, that specific agency or department is asked to designate a representative for the Council. A total of 25 positions are identified related to the WIC recommended category listing.

The number of designated positions drawn from the WIC recommendations is based on the following table:

WIC Category/RecommendationDesignated PositionsAgency/Organization
Public Child Welfare
(1) County Welfare or CSD1OC Social Services Agency
(2) Probation Department1OC Probation Department
(3) Licensing Agencies1Community Care Licensing
Criminal Justice System
(1) Law Enforcement3N/A
(2) District Attorney1OC District Attorney
(3) The Courts2N/A
(4) Coroner1OC Sheriff/Coroner
Prevention/Treatment Services Community
(1) Medical/MHServices2N/A
(2) Community Based Social Services2N/A
(3) Public/Private Schools3N/A
Community Representation
(1) Community Volunteers3N/A
(2) Civic Organizations3N/A
(3) The Religious Community2N/A

Representatives to fill a Council position designated to a specific agency or organization are solicited from that agency or organization on an annual basis and are confirmed on an annual basis.

Representatives to fill non-designated Council positions will be reviewed by The Raise Foundation Board of Directors on an annual basis.

A vacancy in any position will not preclude the Council from meeting or conducting activity to meet its charge.


Meeting Agendas and Minutes: Council meeting agendas and minutes are provided via email to each council member in advance of all meetings. Agendas and minutes are also available as a posting on the Council web page (a sub page of The Raise Foundation Web site).

Newsletter: A council newsletter is published on a quarterly basis and distributed in electronic format. Production and distribution of the newsletter is managed and facilitated by staff of The Raise Foundation.

Annual Report: The Council produces an annual report on activities, which also provides any recommendations for improvements to services or support provided to/for families and children related to child abuse prevention and treatment. Production and distribution of the annual report is managed and facilitated by staff of The Raise Foundation.

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