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May 24, 2017

Family Resource Center Spotlight: Corbin FRC

The Corbin Family Resource Center (FRC) located in Santa Ana is a welcoming Center dedicated to providing all families with fundamental services to help them succeed. It is one of the 15 FRC’s located in Orange County in collaboration with other community organizations such as Human Options, Children’s Bureau, and The Raise Foundation who are dedicated to strengthening all families.

Luis is one of the many hardworking Raise  Foundation staff you will find at the FRC. His position as an Information and Referral Specialist is to meet with each family who enters the FRC and inform them of the services provided by the Center. His goal is to ensure that each family in-need has access to the appropriate resources depending on their case and their specific needs.

Throughout his time at the Corbin site, Luis has been able to foster meaningful relationships and build trust with his clients. One story that truly impacted his life had to do with one client struggling to find a job and endured health issues as well. Luis was more than happy to research and share job openings as well as guide him through the application processes including resume building and interview preparation. The client successfully received a job offer and accepted it. Even after that, this client reached out to Luis again, someone he knew he could trust for guidance. Luis and the rest of the FRC team were there to help as needed.

In addition to the dedicated and caring staff, Corbin also has a variety of very helpful services. The FRC site serves about 200 families on a monthly basis offering a few unique programs that aren’t found elsewhere. Though many of the classes offered are similar to those of other FRC’s including counseling, parent education, and many others.

For example, Corbin is one of the two FRC’s with a YAC (Youth Action Council). The role of YAC is to enrich the lives of the youth through caring volunteers who dedicate their time Friday afternoons to meet with youth between the ages of 13-18. They help these students develop and foster leadership skills, social skills, and critical thinking skills so that they can grow as students and have successful futures. Furthermore, the student volunteers serve as good role models to inspire these teenagers to always aim to reach their fullest potential.

At Corbin FRC, you can also rely on the help of a legal advocate from a partner organization Human Options who is present at the site every Thursday to provide families who are victims of domestic violence with training on topics such as filing restraining orders, alimony, etc. In addition the trainings, the legal advocate provides help at the court house and attends the trial pro bono. Additionally, through a partnership with the Transforming Life Center, a group of therapists come to the site weekly to meet with families who are victims of crime, abuse and emotional trauma resulting from this. These resources truly enable families to improve their situations.

If you or anyone you know is seeking supportive services, please feel free to contact Corbin FRC in Santa Ana or your local FRC — because no family should struggle. You will have access to wonderful resources and encounter warm-hearted staff who will help you every step of the way.

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