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May 24, 2017

“Keep Me Safe, Healthy and Happy”

Eldon Baber, Executive Director – The Raise Foundation

What better call to action for all of us as we reflect on National Child Abuse Awareness month?

Each April, The Raise Foundation and our community partners work to spread the word throughout Orange County about preventing child abuse, neglect, and maltreatment. Whether through our annual art contest, pinwheel gardens, community events, or social media – our efforts have been driven by the theme “Keep Me Safe, Healthy, and Happy.”

This past month we wrapped up our Annual Blue Ribbon Art Contest – nearly a hundred entries were received from four age groups- Kindergartners through college age students. These amazing pieces of artwork are a strong reminder for each of us to keep the children of Orange County safe, healthy, and happy. In partnership with Orange County Fire Authority, Orange County Sheriff, as well as many schools and community partners – dozens of Blue Pinwheel gardens sprouted up across the County this year also serving as a reminder to protect children.

As we move to the warm, sunny days of summer, the need for our community to remain vigilant about the safety of our children is again heavily on our minds.

Whether being watchful around pools and water or preventing children from being left in the heat of cars, our call to all of you is to be even more mindful in ensuring all children are kept from harm’s way.

Annually, April is of course National Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month and it does serve as an impactful reminder to remain vigilant. However, your willingness to be watchful, mindful, and advocate for children is a year-round commitment. Thank you for being a part of the answer to every child’s need to be “Safe, Healthy, and Happy.”

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