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September 26, 2012

Safety Recall

H&M Recalls Children’s Water Bottle

About 2,900 Children’s Water Bottles have been recalled due to a potential choking hazard.  There has been one report of the bottle’s spout breaking off in a child’s mouth while the child was drinking from it.  Although no injuries have been reported, this faulty design presents a serious choking hazard.  The recalled products were manufactured in June 2012 and can be identified by this manufactured date which is embossed on the bottom of the bottle.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission suggests that consumer return the bottle to H&M for a full refund.


Specialized Bicycle Components recalls Bicycles

About 12,000 bicycles have been recalled due to fall and injury hazards.  There have been fore reports of the front forks breaking and which lead to injuries to the head and shoulders.  Recalled models include the Globe Elite, Globe Sport, Globe Sport Disc, Globe Centrum Comp, Globe Centrum Elite, Globe City 6, Globe Vienna 3, Globe Vienna 3 Disc, Globe Vienna 4, Globe Vienna Deluxe 3, Globe Vienna Deluxe 4, Globe Vienna Deluxe 5 and Globe Vienna Deluxe 6 bicycles.

CPSC suggests consumers stop using the bike until they obtain and install the replacement fork which is carried at authorized Specialized retailers.

2008 globe elite, one of many recalled models

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