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January 28, 2014

Be a Part of the Solution…

It recently came to our attention, through PBS.org, that Orange County is one of the top 10 places in the U.S. where children go hungry. In a county with so much wealth, this just should not be. We often read depressing news like this and all it does is, well, depress us. We want to… read more

December 20, 2013

Making the Holidays Brighter

Many families struggle throughout the year and the holidays only hi-light their struggle to make ends meet. Most of the parents we work with are not able to provide gifts for their children during the holidays and they often go without even the necessities. This is where our wonderful supporters come in. Our staff identify… read more

May 9, 2013

Mother’s Day Drive with MOPS by Rachel Deol

I’ve had the pleasure of belonging to the Laguna Beach Mothers of Preschoolers group, otherwise known as MOPS, since the fall of 2011. MOPS began in 1973 when a small group of mothers pooled their resources to pay for babysitting for two hours in the morning, one day per week. The women would get together… read more