Adopt a Family

Each year, around October, The Raise Foundation begins looking for caring people & groups (companies, service clubs, etc.) who want to bring joy to kids-in-need during the holidays. The parents/guardians of these children have been working hard to strengthen their families by utilizing the services provided by Family Resource Centers (FRCs) where some of our caring staff first meet them. For some of these adults, that means taking anger management or other helpful classes. For some it means making sure their children have a roof over their heads, medical insurance, and are eating healthy.

During the holidays these adults provide us gift wish lists for their children. Some of the children of course want toys (who wouldn’t!) yet the lists often also include basic needs like socks, pajamas, a warm blanket. Our donors remain anonymous to them so that they can experience a continued sense of accomplishment for all they are doing to strengthen their family.

On behalf of the families-in-need, we greatly appreciate your time and effort in making this program a success!


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