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Preventing child abuse by strengthening families.

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Don’t Leave Kids in Cars Campaign Launched Countywide


(August 2015)  Leaving a child unattended in a car in California is both illegal (Kaitlyn’s Law) and dangerous no matter what the weather conditions. Joining… Read More


The Raise Foundation is dedicated to stopping the cycle of abuse through education, advocacy, community collaboration, and comprehensive services for families and children. Since 1974 we have grown into a dynamic, well-respected, non-profit organization serving all of Orange County. The goal of The Raise Foundation is to provide resources to strengthen families, making each family’s home a safer place for children to grow up. With over 38,000 cases of reported child abuse and neglect in the county each year, it is clear that prevention programs and services are desperately needed in every Orange County community.

Resources In Motion

Resources in Motion (RIM) is the first mobile resource unit in Orange County. We roll into neighborhoods throughout Orange County bringing much-needed services to communities who would otherwise not have access to them. Our goal is to support families and help them to get back on the road to stability; making each home a safer

Family Resource Center

What is a Family Resource Center? A Family Resource Center is a place where families can go when they need help. Each site offers a comprehensive array of community-based social and health services to families. Family Resource Centers are considered a “”One Stop Shop,”” providing services and support systems that build on family strengths. The services

Basic Needs Assistance

Our basic needs department collects and distributes items such as home goods, bedding, diapers, food and personal items to families all over Orange County through our Family Resource Centers. If you are an individual seeking assistance, please contact your local Family Resource Center. We accept donations year-round. Please contact Emma at emma@theraisefoundation.org or 714-884-3421 Ext 101